I'm pleased to welcome all of our future partners.

Eternis produces unique products under the brand of "Guarant-R". We are a lead­er on the Russian market of high-tech firefighting solutions. Our philosophy is based on a belief that life and safety are the supreme values of the XXI century. Therefore we focus on the most efficient and advanced designing and manufac­turing solutions to achieve outstanding results in the fight against the most dev­astating fires.

We are willing to bring out our expertise worldwide and create strong and reward­ing partnerships with the manufacturers and distributors who share our values.

Sincerely, Sergey Vorobyev,

Chief Executive Officer, Eternis

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Our products

Eternis is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative firefighting systems in Russia. Present on the market since 2003, we have earned recognition as experts in designing and manufacturing of classic firefighting systems and unique high-tech solutions. Our product range includes Guarant-R Water Mist units and Guarant-R Powder units, as well as Guarant-R, a one-of-kind wireless automatic firefighting system.

Wireless detection and control systems
Wireless detection and control system was invented as a distance fire detection of initial phase of fire and control over firefighting units produced by “Eternis” or any other units by different producers as well. This is a unique system and has no analogues in the world. The uniqueness of the system is in its intellectual algorithm of detection, perceiving and selecting start of unit(s) nearest to the fire. That significantly reduces the firefighting substance expenditure when extinguishing and minimize indirect damages from the firefighting. Besides, the system has electromagnetic compatibility with any industrial, government or private communication facilities, gadgets and devices. The system is independent of electricity supply. Electric wiring or access to electric network is not required. It can be used in any kind of industrial premises or private dwelling as well.